Articles by Zulker Naeen: A Portfolio of Freelance Journalism

Articles By Zulker Naeen A Portfolio of Freelance Journalism

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Zulker Naeen is a freelance journalist, usually writes on environmental and climate change issues. 

He covers stories of climate change-induced food insecurity, natural calamities, and migration. As a citizen of one of the most climate-vulnerable nations, he works closely with the Climate Tracker to report climate resiliency for children and grassroots women.

He actively involves with the Climate Tracker South Asia network, which makes him an environmental conscious youth. 

Zulker is also one of the South Asia Fellows under Climate Tracker, is a global media network of Climate Change.

He is one of the Train the Trainer Certified Journalists, can offer any effective climate change communication, empower qualified journalists to deliver training on the major climate journalism topics and establish a certification process for journalists. 

He has a master’s degree in Communications and a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Journalism from the University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh.

He has contributed to many course development with the support of other Climate Tracker staff. As a young climate advocate, his fellowship aims to share knowledge of climate change.

Communicating Climate Change is to promote knowledge on climate change issues and to cover journalism skills. We’re opening this extensive course to prepare the next climate journalist. 

Zulker Naeen is opening up a course to prepare the next journalist to promote Climate Journalism in Bangladesh. 

Published Articles by Zulker Naeen

Here are the published stories by Zulker Naeen. 

He focuses his writings on renewable energy, climate and health, energy access, energy democracy, climate migration, loss and damage, solar irrigation, and vector-borne disease.

Bangladesh: Solar power industry is yet to stand on its own feet.

Aug 5, 2018, | Sun-Connect News

This article is on the low level of solar power development achieved in 2018 by Bangladesh. It would be impractical to believe that the solar power development in Bangladesh would reach anything near the projected target by 2021.

A Harsh Reality of Bangladesh: Water Security, Salinity Intrusion, and Internal Migration

Apr 30, 2018, | Eurasia Review

This article is on how Bangladesh in a most vulnerable situation in terms of water security in recent years, salinity intrusion in the coastal region, and internal migration.

Energy democracy: Ensuring electricity to all

Mar 29, 2018, |The Himalayan Times

This article is about ‘Energy Democracy’. It explains how ‘energy democracy’ is the next tipping point to improve the quality of life for the world’s most disadvantaged and poor.

Bangladesh: Natural Solutions to Battle Climate Change

Mar 14, 2018, | Eurasia Review

This article has emphasized the natural climate solution can help address climate change in three ways: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, capturing and storing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and improving the resilience of ecosystems.

Bangladesh: Balanced Energy Mix May Establish Energy Democracy

Feb 15, 2018, | Eurasia Review

This article tries to explain the concept of energy democracy in Bangladesh. It tries to understand this concept, where Bangladesh may consider energy as—both fossil fuels and renewable.

No Alternatives to Halt Betting On Dirty Coal!

Jan 25, 2018, | The Financial Express

This article has illustrated how opting for more coal-fired power plants is threatening the programme of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. However, the expansion of coal is on the costs without factoring in health and environmental impacts.

Unclear Financing Mechanisms Noted During Recent Climate Talks In Germany

Dec 11, 2017, | TalkAfrica

This article is on the latest round of UN climate talks and the clear direction on climate adaptation measurements and climate finance in vulnerable countries. It also describes the uncertainty while there is no estimate of how much money is needed by countries suffering climate change-induced loss and damage now and in the future.

Loss and Damage in Global Climate Agenda: An Illusion for Vulnerable Countries

Dec 11, 2017, | Perspective Bangladesh

This article is on “Loss and Damage”, a focal dialogue of the international climate policy arena. However, the workstream to create the Paris rulebook doesn’t include ‘Loss and Damage’ as an agenda point. It also illustrates how vulnerable countries are in confusion about the progress of climate negotiation.

Climate Change: Insurance For ‘Loss and Damage’ is a Puzzle

11, 2017 | The Financial Express

This article is on “Loss and Damage” Insurance, to provide insurance to 400 million poor and vulnerable people by 2020. It also illustrates why this insurance scheme is not a safety net for the vulnerable countries which are still in confusion about the progress of climate negotiation.

Insurance For ‘Loss and Damage’: Still An Illusion For The Vulnerable Countries

Dec 1, 2017, | South Asia Journal

This article has briefly discussed ‘Loss and Damage’, considered as a third pillar in the worldwide effort to combat climate change, along with mitigation and adaptation.

Food Security In Doubt: Current Phase Of Bangladesh

Nov 4, 2017, | Eurasia Review

This report is on the recent threats to food security because of the damage caused by two successive floods: the flash flood during April and the monsoon flood since late June.

Climate Migration and Health Hazards in Bangladesh

Oct 28, 2017, | Eurasia Review

This report is on internal migration and health hazards in Bangladesh. It also describes how Bangladesh has received the utmost attention because of climate risks and climate.

Climate Change and Spread of Dengue and Malaria in Asia

Oct 27, 2017, | Glocal Khabar

This report describes how climate change creating new uncertainties for human exposure to vector-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria.

Success on Solar Irrigation System in Bangladesh Yet To Achieve

Oct 17, 2017 | Sun-Connect

This report is on the groundbreaking success of the solar irrigation system in Bangladesh. It describes how farmers are moving in solar-run irrigation pumps instead of the diesel pump.

Is solar irrigation a groundbreaking success for Bangladesh?

Oct 12, 2017, | Dhaka Tribune

A new way of extracting groundwater using solar energy has opened up a new door in the agriculture sector of Bangladesh. This article described how solar energy in irrigation becomes popular owing to cost-effective financing and innovative business model.

Renewable Energy: Huge Potentials

Oct 6, 2017, | The Himalayan Times

This article is about the current growth of renewable energy in Bangladesh and Nepal. It also explains why renewable sources can be a viable alternative for the existing power supply for both countries.

Towards Renewable Energy: Nepal and Bangladesh

Oct 5, 2017, | Nature Khabar

This article is about the current growth of renewable energy in two South Asian countries, Bangladesh and Nepal. It also explains how renewable sources can be a viable alternative to meet the existing demand for power supply for both countries.

Success On Solar Irrigation System in Bangladesh Yet To Achieve

Oct 2, 2017, | Perspective Bangladesh

This article is about the success of the solar irrigation system in Bangladesh. This report also describes how Bangladesh has emphasized RE and its current progress.

Bet on Coal Threatens Heritage

Aug 3, 2017, | Talk Africa

This article is about the coal disillusion in Bangladesh and Kenya, emphasized how both Rampal and Lamu coal-fired plants are also sending the wrong message to the world through an intensified move on more coal-fired power plants.

Sending The Wrong Signals

Jul 12, 2017, | Dhaka Tribune

This article is about the coal disillusion in Asia, emphasized how Bangladesh is also sending the wrong message to the world through an intensified move on more coal-fired power plants.


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  3. […] Zulker Naeen is a brand analyst and communication practitioner. He started his career as a market researcher. Now, he is closely working on climate change communication in Bangladesh.  […]

  4. […] Zulker Naeen is a Research Coordinator at the Center for Critical and Qualitative Studies, at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. He is reachable at […]


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