Climate Change Journalism Workshop in Bangladesh Now

Climate Change
Communicating Climate Change

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Communicating Climate: A Climate Change Journalism Workshop is to promote key knowledge on climate change issues and to cover the most basic journalism skills – pitching, fact-finding, interviewing, data visualization, and more – in the context of Bangladesh.

Key objectives of this course:

  1. To give basic knowledge on climate change issues
  2. To guide the participants on key climate journalism topics
  3. To launch a certification process for participants who wish to publish an article as a trainee journalist.

A summary of this curriculum—

  1. Learning: Climate Change Issues in the context of Bangladesh
  2. Skills Development: Climate Journalism Staples
  3. Content Training: Making the Climate-human Link
  4. Evaluation: Online Exam
  5. Reward: Certification

What the participants will learn

  • Basic Knowledge on Climate Change
  • Climate Change Issues
  • Climate and Health
  • Climate Change and its impact on Bangladesh
  • Climate Journalism Training
  • Climate Change Communication in Social Media

Is there any course prerequisites?

There is no course prerequisite.

Climate Journalism in Bangladesh

As a campaigner of Climate Journalism in Bangladesh, we’re particularly opening a course on climate change to prepare the next journalist. With this great objective, we are going to run a three-month campaign to introduce this course among students with an extensive collaboration of the interested partners.

This campaign is designed to reach the students between graduate and post-graduate emphasizing their pattern of seeking information, also to influence them to enrol this course by ensuring their active participation.

A social media campaign is going to be developed to promote this course. University faculty, expert, practitioners, and journalist will engage with this initiative. Students will partake in the online course by a registration process. After the complication of the course materials, the participants have to join in the online quiz. 

Finally, this initiative will award the winners with a certificate. 


The knowledge of climate change among University students is relatively insignificant in Bangladesh, that understanding is making them less interested. 

#Community Partners and Stakeholders

Students, Teachers, Universities, Publishers, Media, Co-organizer.                                                                                        

# Priority Audience: Students

20-25 years aged university students, the key audience, also the future leader of the nation to keep an active role in society. Their pattern of seeking information is through educational institutes, teachers, and social media platforms.

Communication Objective

To influence 100 students of 20-25-year-old age throughout the nation to enrol this course for their future between 1 June and 31 August 2020.


Course Development:  To develop an easygoing course for the student.

Online Contest:  To arrange an online contest to offer the course.

Video: To make a few online sessions on the mandatory topic.

Digital Campaign:  To design a complete digital campaign plan for all social media platforms. 

Awards:  To award certificate for the winners.  

Participatory gifts: To engage co-sponsors to offer various gifts for the standard participants.

#Course Module

Section 1 | Introduction

#Introduction to the overall course

It will try to explain to the participants why climate change topics are easier to understand with our course.

Section 2 | Introduction to Climate Change

#A brief introduction to Climate Change

It will try to give the participants a basic knowledge on climate change and related topic thus they get an overview.

Section 3 | Climate Change Issues

#An introduction to Climate Change related issues

Wildfires, cyclones, and infectious diseases are the key topics for participants to understand how to highlight the human-interest story behind climate change.

Section 4 | Climate and Health

#Health challenges and Climate Adaptation

It will introduce the health challenges, as well as the opportunities, that can be associated with climate change. In addition, it will give you a brief idea on Adaptation: Minimizing climate risks to health, building resilience against climate effects, building climate-resilient health systems, and health response to climate change.

Section 5 | Climate Change and its impact on Bangladesh

#Existing climate challenges in Bangladesh

It will introduce the existing challenges associated with climate change in Bangladesh

Section 6 | A to Z of Climate Journalism Know-How’s

#How to write as a Climate Journalist

It will inspire the participants to be a climate journalist. Participants will learn how to effectively pitch a story to the editors about climate.

Also, they will find the important facts, time-sensitive, identifiable characters, the central conflict, and the identifiable theme. Moreover, they will learn how to searching for sources. In addition, they will learn how to ask questions for the Interview. Again, this section will also try to learn two-three tools on how they better know data visualization.

Section 7 | Climate Topics for writings

#Explanation: Few articles related to climate change

It will explain 10 published articles on climate issues covered by the Climate Journalist.

Section 8 | Climate Change Communication in Social Media

#Act as a Climate Advocate in Social Media  

It will explain how to use social media to design a campaign on climate change issues and act as a climate advocate. 

Climate Change Journalism Workshop in Bangladesh Now
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