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Bangladesh Lubricants Market

It publishes various market insights on Bangladesh lubricating oil market. Here, the demand for base oil and lubricants is growing rapidly. Before 2000, only state-owned oil marketing companies were allowed to blend, import and distribute all kinds of lubricating oils in Bangladesh. However, in 2011, the government has liberalized the market to ensure a minimum standard for it. Since then, more than 70 lubricants brands have entered into this market. Thus the private sector made lubricant business successful here. The automotive sector accounts for 70% of total lubricant consumption now. Market observers say the number of existing brands is 150 and the number is increasing day by day. More lubricating oil brands are yet to enter in this open market. The annual domestic demand of lubricating oils is increasing significantly; it’s around 100 million litres, whereas base oil demand around 140 million litres. This market is already over-flooded with many brands and it will be more competitive in near future.

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