Is Climate Journalism Course affordable in Bangladesh?

Climate Journalism
Is Climate Journalism Course affordable

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Climate Journalism Course is now affordable which is unbelievable too. Moreover, this course aims to enhance understanding of climate change impacts on biodiversity.

Fortunately, this online course is designed for passionate writer and next journalists with limited experience engaging with issues on climate change and ecosystem services interactions with biodiversity locally, nationally and internationally.

The course participants assess the climate change-related issues relevant to available articles in biodiversity, identify the topics and then follow appropriate writing style. 

Participants also develop a writing skill to relate the human-climate fact within 1 to 2 months after the training workshop.

Applicants to this training course need not demonstrate prior experience with journalism and how skills gained will be utilized after the workshop.

Communicating Climate Change is to promote key knowledge on climate change issues and to cover the most basic journalism skills – in the context of Bangladesh. We’re particularly opening this extensive course to prepare the next climate journalist. 

You may not a subject matter expert, but you will become familiar with the key concepts, approaches, and climate journalism staples. 

To promote Climate Journalism in Bangladesh, we’re particularly opening this course on climate change to prepare the next journalist. With this great objective, we are going to run a three-month campaign to introduce this course among students with an extensive collaboration of the interested partners.

Moreover, this campaign aims to teach students between graduate and post-graduate. That is why; we are emphasizing their pattern of seeking information, also to influence them to enrol this course by ensuring their active participation.

A social media campaign will run to promote this course. University faculty, expert, practitioners, and journalist will engage with this initiative. 

Why climate journalism is facing difficulties in Bangladesh?  

The knowledge of climate change among University students is relatively insignificant in Bangladesh, that understanding is making them less interested. This is why we are focusing on 20-25 years aged university students, the key audience, also the future leader of the nation to keep an active role in society. We better know, their pattern of seeking information is through educational institutes, teachers, and social media platforms.

Finally, our objective is to influence 100 students of 20-25-year-old age throughout the nation to enrol this course for their future between 1 June and 31 August 2020.

Participants will enrol in this online course with a registration fee. After finishing the course materials, the participants will have to join in the online quiz or complete the assignment. Finally, the participants will get the certificate. This course will start from 20th June 2020. 

Key objectives of this course:

  1. To give basic knowledge on climate change issues
  2. To guide the participants on key climate journalism topics
  3. To launch a certification process for participants who wish to publish an article as a trainee journalist.

A summary of this curriculum—

  • Learning: Climate Change Issues in the context of Bangladesh 
  • Skills Development: Climate Journalism Staples
  • Content Training: Making the Climate-human Link
  • Evaluation: Online Exam
  • Reward: Certification

What the participants will learn

  • Basic Knowledge on Climate Change
  • Climate Issues
  • Climate and Health
  • Climate Change and its impact on Bangladesh
  • Climate Journalism Training
  • Climate Change Communication in Social Media


Zulker Naeen

Climate Journalist

Zulker Naeen is a South Asia Fellow at Climate Tracker and freelance climate journalist from Bangladesh. He has three years of experience in the field. Zulker developed all his courses with the support of other experienced Climate Tracker staff credited on the course landing page.

 As a young climate advocate, his fellowship aims to share knowledge of climate change.

 Climate Tracker is a global media network closely works on Climate Change.

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Is Climate Journalism Course affordable in Bangladesh?


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