What is Balachao?

Shrimp Balachao

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Do you know what balachao is? What do you mean by authentic balachao? Balachao is a spicy and dried version of fusion food made with fried prawns, onions, garlic, red chillies and special spices.

Balachao is very famous, especially in the Chittagong area. It is mainly spicy fish chips made from dried prawns. It is crispy.

How to eat or use?

You can use balachao to increase the taste of the regular dishes such as Mixed Dal, Fried Rice, Khichuri, Noodles, Halim, Murighonto, Vegetable, etc.

Materials to prepare homemade balachao

Spicy prawn Balachao contains

1. Dried prawn

2. Onion

3. Garlic

4. Dry chilli 6/7

5. Salt

6. Cooking oil and

7. special spices

How to cook?

Roast and fry all ingredients like prawns, onion and garlic in oil. Then mix the chilli powder and salt on the same pan and roast them for 1 minute. Now mix all of this roasted prawn, onion and garlic very well. You have to do the tasks very slowly to get the authentic taste of balachao

Other information

Keeping that tradition of this dish, we made a fusion of dried ingredients containing processed shrimps, onion, garlic, red chilli, salt, cooking oil and the secret spices and named it spicy balachao.

It is a spicy dish with a lot of dry chillies. This dish is not only for the shrimp lover but also for the spice lover.

The use of homemade spices also added a great taste to it.

Balachaomaker is a manufacturer of premium balachao

We are the only spicy Balachao manufacturer in Bangladesh. You might be surprised to hear the name “Balachao”. What is it?

This crispy cooking ingredient is not only for the shrimp lover but also for the spice lover.

Made with freshly processed shrimps and the best spices, it brings you great taste in convenient local packaging to protect and preserve the excellent aroma.

Balachaomaker is a source of quality spice and cooking ingredients. 

It started its journey in July 2019.

Balachaomaker is the only marketer of homemade shrimp balachao.

It becomes a companion in consumers’ everyday life.

Even you may follow our Facebook Page. You may dial 01673375594 to discuss details.  

What is Balachao?


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