Spice up your regular food with balachaw

Shrimp Balachao
Shrimp balachao manufacturer in the town

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Balachaw is a traditional, mouth-watering food of Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar. Especially, it is made with dried shrimp, onion, garlic, and other ingredients.

Balachaw is a spicy-dried food for spice lovers. It is dry and crispy.

There is another prawn-pickle recipe that originated from India with an almost identical name – Balchão. It has been described as ‘a fiery dish’ from Goa. It is a spicy seafood dish in Goan cuisine.

Balachaung, on the other hand, is a type of pickle of Burmese origin, made from dried shrimp, and is relished with steamed rice. Although few sources mark Burma as the authentic origin of balachaw, its popularity is now ubiquitous in Bangladesh.

In recent times, homemade food businesses grew a faster way. Balachaw became more popular all over the country. Its varied features make it a great addition to the kitchen and dining room.

It has many more uses than just having a pickle with steamed rice or khichuri. Here are some simple Balachaw recipes to prepare at home and enhance the taste of food like Tomato-Balachaw Chutney, Mixed Vegetable Rosha, Balachaw-Aloo Chaat, and more

This dry version of food has a good shelf life made full of dried shrimps. Everything is fried crisp as there is no moisture whatsoever!

Keeping that tradition of this dish, Balachaomaker made a fusion of dried ingredients containing processed shrimps, onion, garlic, red chilli, salt, cooking oil and secret spices.

This dish is not only for the shrimp lover but also for the spice lover.

Our balachaw would be a great cooking ingredient for you.

That is why; Balachaomaker has brought a great fusion of spicy shrimp balachaw, different from the regular balachaw available at the super shop.

Contact Balachaomaker at 01673375594.

You can use this dried pickle to increase the taste of the regular dishes like Mixed Dal, Fried Rice, Khichuri, Noodles, Halim, Murighonto, Vegetable, etc.

The use of homemade spices also added a great taste to it.

Balachaomaker is a marketer of various homemade brands and household names in Bangladesh.

With selective cooking ingredients, it becomes a companion in consumers’ everyday life.

Spice up your regular food with balachaw


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