Who Takes Purchase Decision Of Your Engine Oil?

Zulker Naeen
Who takes the purchase decision of your vehicle engine oil.

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Who takes the purchase decision of your vehicle engine oil and which factors influence you to buy those oil?

Most of the case, the conscious people, who take care of his own vehicle mostly take the purchase decision of the engine oil.

However, we found a significant number of customers are not properly knowledgeable about the lubricating oil.

In fact, for end-users, the main source of information arises from peer suggestions.

Findings suggest that end-users themselves and their peer groups play the most significant and equal roles.

Like, the motorcyclist maintains their community thru their Facebook group. From there they took suggestions on different lubricants oil.

Most responses from retailers interviewed stated that the end users themselves make the purchase decision.

Their responses stated that the consumers’ purchase decision is a result of peer suggestions like family, friends, colleagues or community.

Sometimes, retailer suggestions also play a part in affecting the purchase. Retail shop owners recommend their preferred brand to the customers most of the time.

The mechanic also plays a significant role in the consumers’ purchase decision, as they are the overall repairer of the vehicle. Due to this, customers often purchase brands as referred by the mechanics.

Moreover, the suggestions they make vary depending on whether a car runs on petrol or natural gas. According to them, the lubricant needed is subject to the fuel used.


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