Consumer Insights: Passenger Car Oil Market of Bangladesh

Zulker Naeen
Consumer Insights of Passenger Car Oil Market of Bangladesh

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Our research team has carried out a small survey with few retailers across Dayaganj, Banglabazar, Mohammadpur, Gabtoli, Bangla Motor, and Mirpur area to get a better understanding of the consumer insights of the passenger car oils.

Few interesting insights have found:

The car owners are most concerned about the quality of the lubricating oils. They don’t want to take a risk using poor grade oil for their cars. That is why they mostly choose the known branded products with a belief that their product is good.

Price is the second decision-making criteria that customers consider when buying lubricants. The car owners do not bargain much with the retailers when buying lubricants. They assume that they are getting an excellent quality product for the price they are paying.

Especially, the drivers and auto mechanics often argue and negotiate with the retailers to decide upon a price.

In contrast, in Gabtoli, Banglabazar, and Dayaganj area, customers are more doubtful about the product quality as the market is flooded with various lubricants oil brands.

According to the retailers, most car owners are not knowledgeable about the quality lubricants. They purchase products by the brand name like Mobil, Castrol, British Petroleum (BP), and Shell.

However, the auto mechanics purchase many other brands because of the pricing and to meet the company offer.


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