Achieving the world’s ‘first solar nation’ in vain

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Achieving the world’s ‘first solar nation’ in vain

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Bangladesh is neither prioritising the extension of solar energy nor trying to achieve the goal of being the world’s ‘first solar nation’. Because the government is trying to ensure electricity for all by March 2021. So, nothing is going to remain off-gird.

Consequently, the growth of solar energy installation is not significant in the last two years. So, the quest for the cleaner electricity fell in the electricity connections in off-grid areas by public agencies.

According to the Sustainable & Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), the solar energy installation system dropped by 19% year-on-year to 43.25-megawatt last year.

This was the second consecutive year that the solar energy drive slowed down since the year 2017. Then it was 57.75 megawatt.

“As entire Bangladesh is coming under 100% electrification, nothing is going to remain off-gird,” said (SREDA) Chairman Md Helal Uddin.

The solar home system stands at around 60 lakhs now. But, it fails to keep its momentum for the growing electricity connection.

Now more than 95% of the population has access to electricity.

The off-grid power solution got popularity in 2003 using the stand-alone photovoltaic systems, as the solar home systems.

By the end of 2017, the country installed 5.2 million solar-home systems. That offer a cost-effective mode of supplying power to remote off-grid households.

In 2018, Bangladesh was the second-highest user of solar home systems now after India.

SREDA and Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) are public agencies to monitor the solar home system program.

Earlier, it was a government plan. The renewable sources should provide about 10% of the total power generation capacity by 2021. So, it means 2400MW power generation is from renewable sources.

So far, the policy of the off-grid solar could not ignite hope of achieving projected government target.

In Bangladesh, the solar power industry is yet to stand on its feet.

However, the success of the off-grid is not an actual one until our solar system is not turning into a reality.

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Achieving the world’s ‘first solar nation’ in vain


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