Zulker Naeen is an enthusiastic Market Researcher

Market Researcher
Zulker Naeen is an enthusiastic Market Researcher

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Zulker Naeen is a market researcher, dedicated to Bangladesh Engine Oil Market. For the last four years, he is working closely on this market.

You may get him as a portfolio, which publishes different market insights on the engine oil market of Bangladesh.

The key objective of this portfolio is to create a common ground of discussion for the market enthusiast.

You may also get Zulker Naeen as a media, which exclusively publishes insightful news and views on this market.

This portfolio has already published more than 100 articles on this market.

In Bangladesh, there are many misconceptions particularly on engine oil product, which is a techno-commercial product.

Most people have a wrong perception that lubricants product is related to the fuel market; however, it should be discussed under the petrochemical industry.

However, the lack of market monitoring and least reporting make this trade unnoticeable to the public.

That is why Zulker Naeen has taken the responsibility to be a mouthpiece of this market.

Those who rely on market development are working together for this portfolio.   

This portfolio believes that lubricants trade in Bangladesh is not limited to business only, it’s a market.

During this four year concentration, Zulker Naeen is monitoring this market, not as an individual, rather than a team which publish different insights on the lubricants market.

As a watchdog, this portfolio has worked as an individual campaigner of various noted brands in this market. With great success, it has done with the brand positioning of global brands in this uncontrolled market.

This portfolio has coined the term ‘lubricants shelves of Bangladesh’ to publish different insights on this growing market.

Currently, with this portfolio, a dedicated team is conducting various researches on the product shelves of the retailer shops and automotive workshops.

The reports by Zulker Naeen are emphasized to market insights, current market trends, and market forecasts by nature.

It also publishes the articles on the automotive sector amid the auto-components market.

Zulker Naeen is an enthusiastic Market Researcher


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