Portfolio of a brand identity designer

Brand Identity
Portfolio of a Brand Identity Designer

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Zulker Naeen is a promising brand designer and created identities for rising companies. He works with businesses that require compact brand designing.

Also, Zulker Naeen is thought behind the brand. He works with emerging businesses that require a brand to reach the next level.

Now, it is a question. Is he a promising brand designer? If so, how he is?

His focus is on visual identity, messaging, and strategies that make a brand trademark.

He is the graphic designer that you are looking for. We could be a good match if:

You are an entrepreneur going to launch a new business, and you need a branding that’s inspiring to investors and customers.

Your organization is successful for many years, but the corporate identity doesn’t reflect your company.

You’ve tried working with other freelance graphic designers, but it was a struggle to arrive at a good result you want. Too many rounds of revisions couldn’t ensure a good output, and it wasn’t a good return for your money.

You’re a manufacturer looking for a fresh outlook to set your products apart.

What’s the difference between a big agency and Zulker Naeen?

Maybe you need a full-service agency. For branding projects require many diverse skills sets and specialities, consider enlisting an agency. A larger budget is also required to cover an agency’s greater overhead.

In general, the more risk an organization faces if they get the wrong branding. For you, this might be overkill.

Zulker Naeen serves small to medium-sized businesses who need big-picture thinking to shape their graphic design.

In other words, let’s look not only at your tree but the forest where it’s growing. He values working efficiently. He makes your investment creating an immediate impact.

But branding is more than design and interfacing: It’s how your future or current customers “feel” about you.

So far, Zulker Naeen is one of the most sought-after brand strategists and designers in Bangladesh. He has re-branded serves small to medium-sized businesses and has a long list of clients.

Also, his approach and outspoken style have made him the “thought behind the brand” for a variety of start-ups, entertainment projects, and consumer packaged goods and services.

Zulker is also dedicated to the empowerment of young designers.

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