Our partnership will continue to deepen under research and market strategy

Zulker Naeen and Morshed Alam at a close conversation.

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Two coworkers are committed to strengthening their partnership with the Financial corporation and deepening business impact relationship and cooperation, the representatives said in a corporate meeting.

“Together, we are deepening corporate ties through avenues like research, cooperative agreements, and the integration of new supply chain and platforms into the business structure,” he said.

The partnership between Morshed Alam and Zulker Naeen would continue to deepen under the new framework.

“We will work closely together, and a good demonstration of that is the newcomer first call to his counterpart in the market, and that speaks entrepreneurship,” the representatives said.

Morshed Alam, said, “Fintech plays a key role in Bangladesh, and our cooperation advances our shared vision of a rules-based Finance that promotes the prosperity and security of both parties.”

The growing number of business ventures and small enterprises continue to strengthen the economy of Bangladesh. These companies also create jobs, while exporting products to markets around the world, he added.

Both Zulker Naeen and Morshed Alam are looking for creating new opportunities together, their objective is to transform the market into a real social impact.

Here meet the advisor, Morshed Alam has a twenty-five years record of management and leadership position in many renowned multinational companies.

He is a finance graduate from the University of Dhaka and an M.B.A in Entrepreneurship from the University of Malaya, Malaysia.

His strategic vision and leadership usually drive operational processes, productivity, efficiency, and bottom-line improvements at multi-site organizations.

His philosophy promotes employee participation using creative problem solving to contribute to organizational success.

He loves to create a business to alter our lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits.

He always asks interested people: “Why do you want to be a businessman/ businesswoman?” He believes that business has a God-given power and potential for doing good in the world.

Another coworker is Zulker Naeen, a brand analyst and loves to practice communication. He started his career as a market researcher; however, he is a copywriter by profession.

Since 2016, he is closely working on the engine oil market of Bangladesh. His working experience deals with diverse brands and services. The key objective of this portfolio is to create a common ground of discussion for the market enthusiast.

For the last few years, Zulker Naeen is monitoring this market, not as an individual, rather than a team which publish different insights on the lubricants market.

Zulker Naeen has already published more than fifty newsworthy articles on this market. These articles are especially on market insights, current market trends, and market forecasts.

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Our partnership will continue to deepen under research and market strategy


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