Brand Portfolio Management of Valvoline™ in Bangladesh

Zulker Naeen
Brand Portfolio Management of Valvoline™ in Bangladesh

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Zulker Naeen is the Brand Portfolio Manager of Valvoline™ brand, which is being marketed exclusively by Alliance Oil Limited in Bangladesh. 

He is associated with this brand for the last 1 year. He concentrated his focus into different aspect to promote ‘Valvoline™’.

Portfolio says he has worked closely on Valvoline 4T Series, Valvoline Diesel Engine Oil Series, Valvoline Passenger Car Oil Series and others.

Apart from the sales strategy, his responsibility is to develop the required business strategy for Valvoline™.

The responsibility of managing the brand portfolio also includes managing the budget for advertising and promotional items.

His enthusiastic team is involved in planning and the execution of all communications and, including online and social media.

Including Bangladesh, Valvoline has its presence in 140 countries.

Alliance Oil Limited is both industrial and retail product supplier of the globally acclaimed Valvoline™ oil in Bangladesh.

Under the exclusive supervision of Alliance Oil Limited, Valvoline™ has developed its strategy to reach customers from the special segments of our country with variety feature that meets both automotive and industrial needs.

With its wide range of products, Valvoline is the solution for multiple needs and specifications- from on-road vehicles, power generation, mining/construction, agricultural, marine, rail and industrial.

Valvoline is the only motor oil company that could perform all five required tests for API and ILSAC petrol categories in the company’s house engine test lab.

In Bangladesh, along with Alliance Oil emphasizes the diverse and specific needs of their clients, only the finest quality must be guaranteed and delivered.

Brand Portfolio Management of Valvoline™ in Bangladesh


  1. […] Zulker Naeen is a brand designer by profession. He is a communication graduate from the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. […]


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