Is Bangladesh Lubricants Oil Market a Growing One?

Market Insiders
Bangladesh lubricants oil market is a growing one.

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Bangladesh lubricants oil market is a growing one. However, market insiders think lack of govt. intervention on the policy to monitor the lubricating oil market make this market uncontrolled one.

The lack of market research on this market might see as the limitations to its natures. These natures are limited to both communication and business strategy of the lubricants oil industry.

Existing oil marketers are enjoying their lubricants business. More new brands are yet to enter into this growing market.

Currently, the number of local oil marketers has been increased dramatically. By nature, they are the floating businessmen who deal in this market beyond the value chain.

Most floating marketers are the barrel oil promoter especially works with mono-grade oil by their name. Most of them are involved in the lubricants oil business.

It is alarming; many local brands are being disparate to market their products deploying the toll blenders. It is a forthcoming peril for the existing popular lubricants brands.

But it is more challenging for the new brands to cope up with this market situation, even to establish in the lubricants oil shelf.

Here, in this backdrop, to establish a new brand in this market is quite hard. And this market is yet to transform its business strategy.


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