Bangladesh Flooded With So-called Synthetic Engine Oils

Zulker Naeen
Bangladesh Market Flooded With So-called Synthetic Engine Oils

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The vehicle owners should be careful before choosing synthetic oils. Recently, so-called synthetic engine oils are flooded in the market.

For purchasing lube, majority owner’s takes advice from the retail shop and sometimes from the mechanics. There is a big chance of miss appropriations of the synthetic oils then.

Choosing a right oil not only depends on the recommended grades. It also depends on the car type, car age and driving environment, and fuel quality.

The use of quality fully-synthetic or mineral oils can improve the fuel economy by decreasing engine friction.

For your hybrid cars, choosing engine oils mostly depends on the ambient temperature. Also, you should consider the fuel condition in this matter.

In our country, fuel adulteration and traffic cannot be managed over the night. But you should be aware of the discussed issues while choosing the right oil form right place.


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