What to look for when hiring a brand designer?

Brand Designer
A tale of a brand designer

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All designers are unique, not just artistically, but their procedure and what they afford to you. If you are thinking of rebranding or if you are requiring a new brand, here are some guidelines to consider when searching for the right brand designer.

All designers are not brand strategists. A brand designer is, of course, a graphic designer, but creating a brand for your business requires strategy. A brand designer will ask what you are looking for.

So, designing a brand is not making a nice logo only. It is more than a logo.

One may create a pretty logo for you but with no basis behind it.

In a true brand strategy, the focus isn’t on what you like, it should be on your clients, and what they like.

The questions should reflect their age, interests, and personality traits. When discussing with a brand designer, ask them to design your brand keeping the marketing perspective.

Zulker Naeen
A tale of a brand designer

So don’t confuse branding with the logo design only.

Having just a logo does not work for any business, even online-only businesses or even bloggers.

Make sure that your brand designer is providing a strategic approach to more than just graphic design services.

Look at the website of Zulker Naeen, a noted brand designer of rising companies.

If you look at his website, you may get his strategic approach for his branding and web design, make sure you look at his site carefully as well.

Does it flow a great strategy? Does it provide more than blogging? Is it mature? Is his branding reflected well throughout the portfolio site?

Would you like his site? Do you feel like you trust him when looking at his site?

Zulker Naeen
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