Girls are going green with Eco-friendly napkins

Eco-friendly napkins
Girls are going green with Eco-friendly napkins

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Is it Eco-friendly? Unbelievably, it is non-compostable sanitary napkins.

Girls better know about sustainable period management.

And it is now a social motive. How a girl can make her menstruation happier today?

It goes viral, a talk on greener menstruation remedies.

“Sanitary napkins with non-compostable plastic liners, non-biodegradable covers, a chemical-based absorbent cause huge damage to the environment, take hundreds of years to disappear from the earth,” claims Chandana Bhowmick, an ecological protestor from Kolkata. 

It spearheads the ‘eco-friendly period monitoring’ campaign.

“About 6 out of 10 females are saying no to normal sanitary napkins. They are aware of using environment-friendly period items. Some are at least ready to switch over to sustainable items.”

Menstrual cups are planet-safe.

Menstrual cups, made from silicon, are one of the most popular health items amongst women and girls nowadays. Equally, these save money and earth.

“Menstrual cups are captivating. These hold up to 29 ml/6 tsp liquid, hence you simply need to clear it two times a day. A branded menstrual cup is possible to use for more than 8 years. Most effectively, you hardly require any kind of water to clean it,” claims Deepali Chaudhary, a digital photographer.

“Just one cup can make a big difference. If it lasts for five years, you don’t need to dispose of pads for 60 months,” she includes.

Why menstruation cups?

The Lancet Public Health reported, those cups generate an estimated 0.4% of the plastic waste that single-use pads accumulation or 6% of that created by tampons in 10 years.

Fabric pads, disposable paper napkins are increasing.

“I have been using eco-friendly pads over a year. I enjoy them as they are made with corn starch and bamboo fibres. These are easily disposed of. And it is the best way to do my little bit for the earth,” says Renee Shah, a student from Bengaluru.

Queen Diwan, an owner of an eco-friendly sanitary napkin brand, says, “These sustainable pads don’t simply break down. However, these are additionally made by reusing plant waste. No trees are cut in the procedure.”

Discs, sponges, and tampons to the rescue

“A period disc is the most convenient method to cut one’s carbon footprint. While it isn’t reusable, it holds 5 times more fluid than regular tampons, so a minimal waste generated,” says Shreya Saxena, a housewife from Mumbai.

These shallow discs are inserted at the opening of the vagina to take in the circulation.

“Environmental-friendly sponges, which are removed from the sea, are coming to be prominent once again. They can absorb more blood than tampons,” claims Chennai-based Geethika Pillai, which offers duration sponges.

Ragini Dua, from Delhi, just switched over to sponges lately, says, “Just damp the sponge, and place it after you’ve pressed the water from it. When you want to eliminate it, these come with a string that needs to be drawn. They are simple to clean too.”

Organic and sustainable period panties are another green choice. 

“They are leak-proof. You do not require making use of a pad or cup. I bought two pairs three years ago. Still, I’m making use of those,” says Shivani Suri, a banker from Pune.

Girls are going green with Eco-friendly napkins


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