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4T motorcycle oil is designed primarily for on-road, high-performance, four-cycle sports bikes. It also may be used in other types of on- and off-road four-cycle motorcycles that specify the use of engine oil.

The unique, quality motorcycle oil formulations offer advantages beyond conventional motorcycle oils of similar viscosity.

A quality motorcycle oil helps provide excellent performance in motorcycle engines that are either:

A 4T motorcycle oil is designed with a common engine/transmission lubrication system, or designed so that the engine lubrication system is separate from the transmission system.

It doesn’t matter if it is a regular bike engine, serves many purposes and acts as a very important part of the Engine.

An important purpose of engine oil is to lubricate engine parts so that friction and wear are reduced. Lubrication between two moving surfaces results from oil film that builds up to separate the surface and support the load.

The lubricating oil carries heat away from the component which is lubricated. The oil is returned to the oil pan. Some engines incorporate external oil coolers to assist in oil cooling in the oil pan.

The engine oil has the ability to clean all the engine components, which are in contact with it.

Also, other engine components, such as valve stems, valve lifters, rocker arms, and camshafts are also cleaned.

The engine oil helps the piston rings to form a tight seal between the rings and cylinder walls.

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