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Sale of Recycled Engine Oil Continues

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The sale of recycled engine oils, especially by the names of popular brands, has increased in the remote areas due to lax monitoring by any concerned authorities.

This has led to engine breakdown of different vehicles and diesel-driven pumps.

Sources said that engine oils are adulterated in two ways. Most of the time, unscrupulous traders mix paraffine based stocks with recycled oils collected from the marine and various manufacturing industries.

In absence of paraffine, they use kerosene oil to adulterate the engine oils. Then those are supplied to the users.

Engine oil manufacturers use necessary additives with the virgin base oil for a finished product. However, due to lower prices of ground oils, compared to the virgin base oil, dishonest traders are more encouraged to market recycled oils.

The use of recycled base oil is harmful for the lifetime of the vehicle engine. Only for the low prices, these least quality lubricants have been swayed by the market.

But, sections of dishonest oil traders collect recycled base oil in low prices and mix it with the paraffine oils rampantly. Hundreds of dealers and agents are involved in distributing of such lower standard engine oil.

Miraj Hasan, a motorbike rider, said engine of his bike is giving trouble after changing the engine oil from a local fuel station at Shaheb Bazaar Zero point area in Rajshahi.

Like them, many drivers of buses, trucks and motorbikes complained about engine trouble and damage following use of sub-standard engine oil from the unreliable source.

Abdul Mazid, in-charge of a filling station at Baghabarighat in Shahzadpur union of Sirajganj district, said the vehicle drivers are willing to use less- priced engine oil from us. As there is a demand, we are more willing to sell that available less priced engine oil.

It has found no administration is solely responsible for controlling the adulteration rather than a few raids by the special mobile court. There are no visible activities of any institutions in checking the adulteration.

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