Competitive Landscape in Bangladesh Lubricants Market

Bangladesh Lubricants Oil Market
Competitive Landscape in Bangladesh Lubricants Market

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The competitive landscape of lubricants in Bangladesh is a vibrant one. Already, lubricant players have established their footholds here, with international brands.

Among them, Mobil is the most established brand, with a strong presence in the lubricants shelves. Other major players are BP, Total, Castrol, Shell, and Caltex.

Compared to these market players, the market shares of the other international, national and local brands are most expansive in this market.

It is already flooded with many international and national brands.

Market insiders say that around 70 per cent market shares belong to various national and international brands altogether.

The number of running brands is about 100 altogether and the number is increasing day by day.

Market leaders are enjoying their market share is not true at all.

However, many local and international brands have a strong presence, and it remains to be seen if the national brands can raise their competitiveness against international brands.

In terms of the lubricant products landscape, Bangladesh is still predominantly consuming mineral-based, low-grade lubricants compared to the more lucrative synthetic based European and North American markets.

However, the consumption trend in Bangladesh has begun to gradually shift towards semi-synthetic/synthetic lubricants over the past decade.

The national brands will need to have a clear and effective product positioning strategy in order to increase shares in the growing upgrades market that is presently led by international brands.


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