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Engine Oil Market

Motorcycle Dominating Engine Oil Market

Dec 25 • Market Analysis • 117 Views • 1 Comment on Motorcycle Dominating Engine Oil Market

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Pathao and Uber Moto have already increased the two-wheeled traffic in Dhaka. Especially, the motorcycle population focused on ride-sharing has increased a 44% uptake in the sale of motorbikes.

So far, the ride-sharing trends using motorcycle has found as an initial success in terms of solving traffic woes in Dhaka; however, it can be observed as a tech-oriented business venture, a transformative one to our transportation system.

The motorcycle population is estimated to grow 17 times faster than the corresponding figures for passenger cars within the next 5 years, driven mainly by its rising demand.

More than 1,000 motorcycles are being sold daily. It was just half of the daily sales five years ago, according to data collected from industry insiders.

Also, operators predict that the market would grow many folds in the next two-three years mostly because of the favourable policy and tariff structure that encourages assembling, leading to eventual manufacturing.

Therefore, Motorcycle Industry Development Policy 2018 has approved to facilitate the motorcycle manufacturing process to meet the domestic demand.

The policy has targeted to locally manufacture 5 lakh motorcycles a year by 2021 and double the number by 2027.

So, the projected two-wheeled population has formed the bedrock for motorcycle engine oil already. By 2020, the motorcycle engine oil market is projected to reach 400– 450 million liters per year. Then it will turn into a dominant market.

The distribution policy of motorcycle engine oil market covers the following channels: primary and secondary distributors, servicing workshops, automotive retail shops, and localized retail shops.

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  1. This is super informative! I’m happy I read your post because it’s better than similar blogs I’ve seen from most other bloggers about this subject. Can I ask you to add to this? Perhaps write any further example? Thanks 🙂

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