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Fuel Oil of Bangladesh

Impure Fuels Causes to Engine Breakdown

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The sale of impure fuels continues out of the city with the authorities taking no further steps to check the unscrupulous business by a section of fuel dealers.

Those adulterated fuels cause to engine breakdown of different vehicles and diesel-driven pumps. Many drivers of buses, trucks and motorbikes complained about engine trouble and damage following use of adulterated fuels.

Fuel Adulteration in Bangladesh

Fuel oils are adulterated in two ways in our country. Mostly, unscrupulous fuel traders mix high proportion of condensate with the fuel oils like diesel, petrol and octane. And, the condensate can be mixed easily because of its similarity with other oils.

In absence of condensate, they use kerosene oil to adulterate the fuels. Then those are supplied to the users.

Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) in 2015 revealed that some corrupt businessmen involved in the selling of adulterated condensate to many petrol pumps.

It found, most of the 6245 dealers, agents and distributors are engaged in adulteration of petroleum products. Private refineries were also illegally involved in selling condensate to filling stations then.

The refineries generally buy condensates produced in gas fields run by state-owned Petrobangla and other international oil companies under a government contract to produce fuels such as petrol, diesel, octane, and kerosene.

Then BPC issued show-cause notices to over 1500 agents, dealers, and distributors for their alleged involvement in illicit fuel trade and adulteration.

Still now, a section of dishonest fuel oil traders in different region procure the crude condensate from the gas fields with low price and mix it with the fuel oils rampantly. Then they supply the adulterated fuel to the users through different filling stations.

However, a reliable source said that around 2 lakh litters of such condensate are being sold regularly from the gas fields every day. 

Therefore, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and local administration should strictly control the adulteration of fuel oils for the sake of government revenue. But, no visible activities of the two institutions has found in checking the adulteration.

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