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Synthetic Engine Oil Market of Bangladesh

Jan 4 • Bangladesh Lubricants Oil Market • 108 Views • 4 Comments on Synthetic Engine Oil Market of Bangladesh

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The vehicle owners should be careful before choosing synthetic oils. Recently, so-called synthetic engine oils by local name are flooded in the market.

To purchase engine oil, majority owner’s takes advice from the retail shop and sometimes from the repair mechanics. Then, there is a big chance of miss appropriations of the synthetic oils.

You have to remember choosing the right oil not only depends on the recommended grades. It also depends on the car type, car age and driving environment, and fuel quality.

The use of quality fully-synthetic or mineral oils can improve the fuel economy by decreasing engine friction.

For your hybrid cars, choosing engine oils mostly depends on the ambient temperature. Also, you should consider the fuel condition in this matter.

Already, there is a common myth is synthetic motor oil a ‘fake’ oil. Synthetic engine oils are not fake. They are derived from crude oil, natural gas, or other chemical feed materials.

However, synthetic oils also use different additives than conventional oils that are designed for extra wear protection.

Just like conventional engine oil, synthetic oils have a specific viscosity grade. And, quality synthetic engine oil contains extra lubrication additives to make the oil stronger and provide higher heat dissipation.

And, you can’t switch to conventional motor oil. It is not true. You don’t need to be worried. For your information, synthetic and conventional oils both are compatible, so it is not harmful if you decide to switch.

In our country, the trade of low standard engine oil cannot be managed over the night. But you should be aware of the discussed issues while choosing the right oil form right place.

Nearly 35% of oil brands are by name product in the local market; especially these oils are low in terms of quality.

In Bangladesh, a huge amount of by name oil brands is being imported from the middle-east. However, most of us are not well informed about this low-quality lubricants trade.

This is how lubricants market of Bangladesh is laden with the lower quality products.

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  2. spennende å se om det fungerer=) må gi beskjed vist det fungerer ganske så bra da må jeg nesten investere i en sånn selv=) ha en fin dag=) klem

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    Perfect work you have done, this site is really cool with good information.

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