Numerous vehicles run without RR number plates

Most automobiles run without RR number plates
Most automobiles run without RR number plates

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Numerous vehicles, specifically motorbikes, are running without retro-reflective number plates along with radio-frequency recognition tags throughout the nation in defiance of repeated cautions.

RR number plates work in tracking the place of the vehicles that use them in the instance of any emergency.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority officials claimed that to date, 24.91 lakh RR number plates were marked to motor vehicles while thus far 30.49 lakh such number plates were generated.

The proprietors of some 5.58 lakh automobiles are yet to use the plate on their cars.

BRTA supervisor for the design division Lokman Hossain Mollah informed on Sunday that most of these vehicles were motorbikes.

Nowadays, various records on-road mishaps indicate that the participation of motorbikes in fatal roadway accidents is enhancing.

Most automobiles run without RR number plates
Most automobiles run without RR number plates

Just 11 BRTA executive magistrates are struggling to examine the irregularities on the roads in the Dhaka and also Chattogram cities, according to BRTA officials.

In this backdrop, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, on January 9, provided an urgent round for all the car proprietors to gather their number layers from its workplaces by January 31.

Otherwise, the circular warned, proceedings will undoubtedly be taken against the proprietors as well as the car that would run without these number plates.

After prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, on October 31, 2012, inaugurated the production of RR number plates, the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Limited on November 7 started making the number plates.

The effort was taken to improve the order as well as safety and security when driving. The retro-reflective materials send out most of their light back to their source.

On the various other hands, radio-frequency identification involves a non-contact wireless system that makes use of radio-frequency electronic fields to transfer information from a tag affixed to an object for the functions of automatic recognition and tracking.

On October 10, 2015, a circular was provided, which read, ‘Vehicles which take registration from the BRTA will certainly not have the ability to run anywhere in the nation without RR number plate and RFID tags after December 31 in the same year.’

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On December 31, 2015, following a BRTA proposal, the deadline was extended until March 2016.

Yet all these actions are unsuccessful.

The latest round provided in January pointed out that their owners plied numerous vehicles after signed up in one district in other areas.

When the number of plates prepared, the proprietors refused to take their vehicles to the district of registration.  It is also gotten transferring their number plates to the area where their vehicles were running.

These transfer applications created different administrative as well as monitoring troubles, the round more claimed, adding that the procedure was also time-consuming.

Under these scenarios, the owners have been asked to take their vehicles to the same BRTA offices to acquire the number plates, where their vehicles were registered, Lokman added.

A report published by Nirapad Sarak Chai on January 4 revealed that amongst the 1,190 vehicle drivers eliminated in road crashes throughout 2019, the highest 648 were motorcyclists.

Besides, of all the vehicles involved in the 2019 fatal accidents, bikes caused the highest possible 23 percent of them, the report added.

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